What To Expect With our Services

     When booking a hunting or fishing trip with Grand River Guiding Services. Your are taking a huge weight off of your shoulders. Not only do we have years of experience hunting and fishing ourselves but I personally have been guiding people on hunting and fishing trips for as long as I can remember. From the most experienced who have traveled a long way in chase of a new trophy. To the least experienced that are eager to learn and to experience the adrenaline rush that comes with your first catch, your first time hearing the woods light up with gobbles, your first flock of ducks or geese coming into your setup or that first time that you have a deer come into close range as you sit there waiting for your shot opportunity. There are many reasons to book your trip with us:

     For our Field Hunts/Canada Goose Hunts; We have permission to thousands of acres. It takes us hours to drive the territory we cover. We spend an immense amount of time finding out what fields the geese are feeding on and when. With that we are also steadily gaining more hunting area. We only book field hunts on fields that have been the most productive in the days prior to the date you have booked. For these hunts your guides are at the field hours before you arrive. Setting up your blinds, setting the decoy spread and preparing everything to make your hunt as easy, successful and as enjoyable as possible. Our decoy spreads are made up of the best gear and decoys on the market. Running all Altan layouts, aframes and panel blinds combined with spreads up to 300 decoys if needed.

    For our Lake Erie Diver Hunts; Over the years we have done many ducks hunts along the shore of lake Erie. We have the permission to those rare spots of private land where hunting is allowed. Wind is always the biggest factor on lake Erie. So we have spots in the best of Bays and the best of Points. For these hunts we use portable blinds to deal with the ever changing conditions and a spread decoys that will fool the smartest of ducks. Our shoreline decoy spread is made up of the best decoys money can buy. We use a mixed spread of  Blue bill, Canvasback, Golden eye, Red heads, Mallards, Buffs, Ring necks and Geese while running a spinner or two. This hunt offers opportunity at the largest variety of waterfowl species. For these hunts you can trust that "Gunner" is eager to make the retrieves for you.

     For our Marsh Waterfowl Hunts; We have numerous hunting locations along the Grand River and also many large private property ponds. Some spots we access by boat and others we walk into. These spots produce a lot of Wood ducks, Teal, Gadwall, Blacks, Mallards and Geese. Each spot offers something different. Typically hunting out of built blinds. Again, "Gunner" will be there to make the most difficult of retrieves. 

     For our Deer Hunts; We have permission to thousand of acres and spend the time scouting deer year round. You will be sitting in a new, safe comfortable tree stand or ground blind in spots that will give you the best odds possible to be successful. With these hunts we also do the work needed to get your deer out of the bush and we have the contacts to help you with any butchering or taxidermy work that you may need. 

     For our Turkey Hunts; Again, we have thousands of acres at our disposal and lots of turkeys in our area. For this hunt it is not uncommon to hear and see many birds. Often times you will have the opportunity to pick which gobbler you want to shoot. We typically have a spot to sit in the early morning. Then throughout the day instead of sitting and waiting. We like to keep moving and find those vocal gobblers that are walking around strutting there stuff. We know the properties as good as they do. Therefore we can get you in the best position possible to give you your shot at one of the most difficult birds to kill.   

     Fishing Trips; Our boat is rigged up and ready to go. We have all the tackle and gear needed to be successful. The last few years lake Erie has been on fire catching Walleye. Often times 10lbs and up. Whether you want lake Erie Walleye or lake Ontario Trout and Salmon. We are prepared to get you out trolling without the stress of getting everything ready, where to go and buying all the equipment needed. Just meet us at the launch! 

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